Bell Canada will collaborate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to modernize the digital experience of customers and support 5G innovation across Canada. By bringing AWS Wavelength to the country, Bell will be the first Canadian telco to offer AWS-powered multi-access edge computing (MEC) to business and government users.

Mirko Bibic, president and CEO of BCE and Bell Canada, said: "Bell's partnership with AWS further heightens both our 5G network leadership and the Bell customer experience with greater automation, enhanced agility, and streamlined service options. Together, we'll provide the next-generation service innovations for consumers and business customers that will support Canada's growth and prosperity in the years ahead."

Bell will use the depth of AWS technologies to create and scale new consumer and business applications faster by deploying at the edge of its 5G network. Developers can then build ultra-low-latency applications while Bell subscribers can enhance how they engage with the offered voice, wireless, television, and internet services. 

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, Inc, said: "As the first telecommunications company in Canada to provide access to AWS Wavelength, Bell is opening the door for businesses and organizations throughout the country to combine the speed of its 5G network with the power and versatility of the world's leading cloud. Together, Bell and AWS are bringing the transformative power of the cloud and 5G to users all across Canada."

Through its strategic relationship with AWS, Bell will leverage AWS Wavelength to embed compute and storage services at the edge of its 5G telco networks. As a result, application developers can serve edge computing workloads like machine learning, IoT, and content streaming.

Bell and AWS will move 5G data processing to the network edge to minimize latency and power 5G use cases. These include immersive gaming, self-driving vehicles, smart manufacturing, augmented reality, and distance learning throughout Canada. Moreover, developers will also have direct access to AWS' full portfolio of cloud services to improve and scale their 5G applications.

"As Canada recovers from COVID-19 and looks forward to the economic, social, and sustainability advantages of 5G, Bell is moving rapidly to expand the country's next-generation network infrastructure capabilities. Bell's accelerated capital investment plan, supported by government and regulatory policies that encourage significant investment and innovation in network facilities, will double our 5G coverage this year while growing the high-capacity fiber connections linking our national network footprint," Mirko added.

Bell's 5G network, launched in June 2020, aims to expand its reach from 35% to 70% of the Canadian population by year-end through  an accelerated capital investment plan.