Honorable François-Philippe Champagne, minister of innovation, science, and industry, announced the launch of the consultation on a policy and licensing framework for spectrum in the 3800 MHz band to support 5G and promote competition in wireless services. Licensing the 3800 MHz band will allow for the deployment of new technologies, which will lead to the creation of good jobs and new products and services for Canadians.

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With its cool climate, geographical location, and abundant, affordable sources of energy, Québec is an ideal location for data centers. Greater Montréal, in particular, has quickly become a key hub for data centers and cloud services in North America, with the demand for cloud services causing the number of data centers in the province to rise from 50 to 39.

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The auction of spectrum licenses in the 3500 MHz band in Canada raised about CAD $8 billion. As per the results, small and regional providers have increased their spectrum assets by over 50% across the country.

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Huawei’s CFO case in Canada has posed a lot of controversy for almost 3 years, given the unusual arrest and the long extradition proceeding reflecting political tension between the United States and China. Telecom Review caught up with Richard Kurland, attorney at law in the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec, Canada, who explained in depth the progress achieved thus far in the case of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou and shared his insights into the political interference in the case.

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